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Teaching can be one of the most meaningful and rewarding careers. However, this is just an opportunity. To find true happiness and fulfillment in education, we need to invest in and focus on aspects of the profession that bring us the most joy. Additionally, we need to find innovative ways to build routines into our day that will improve our well-being, job satisfaction and help prevent burnout.   

This book will get you thinking about how happy you are in your career and give you practical strategies to make changes that will truly impact your happiness. Packed with research and inspiring stories, you will end each chapter inspired and excited to try new job-embedded ways to find more joy at work.


Shawn Achor

NY Times Best Selling Author

"Happiness is one of the most powerful advantages in a student's life, yet it is often overlooked or feels too ambitious in the midst of challenge.In STRIVE, Robert Dunlop makes a clear case for why happiness is a crucial component of achieving our potential and provides practical ways to use happiness to help schools flourish--not just for a few lucky teachers and students, but for the rest of us as well."


Lea Waters (PHD)

Author of Strength Switch

"This book is a gem for teachers looking to be professionally engaged and personally rejuvenated! The STRIVE acronym provides a useful framework to build the wellbeing of teachers and students. The book encourages self reflection and offers concrete exercises that will impact your daily life at school."


Patrice Palmer


"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Strive for Happiness in Education by Robert Dunlop. As a former educator and now a positive psychology practitioner, I feel that this book is well-researched but more importantly, simplifies the science of human flourishing in a way that can easily be applied to the lives of busy teachers." 


Michael Snow


"Strive is packed with practical, insightful, and engaging strategies that you can start using in your classroom today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Strive will leave you smiling and empowered to find new pathways to happiness in your work."


Melissa McKinney-Lepp


"STRIVE goes beyond traditional teaching handbooks to help educators understand how to make meaning from relationships within the profession, and the profession itself, in order to achieve greater personal happiness throughout a career. It is a powerful read for both new and experienced teachers providing useful resources and practical self analysis tools!


Rob’s warmth and candor will keep readers engaged in this reflective and timely resource that provides numerous opportunities for both personal and staff professional development." 


Kim Desing-McCardle


"This is a must read for any educator at any stage of their career.  We cannot be at our best as teachers without feeling vital, purposeful, fulfilled and happy.  This book teaches us that we are responsible for our own efficacy and teaches us how to positively impact our efficacy - for the betterment of our students' lives and our own." 

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