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Monthly Focus

Positive Intake

The goal of this month is to get you thinking about your media intake.  The activities this month will challenge you to replace negative media with positive media. In doing so, you will train you brain to be more positive and optimistic. Making small changes to your daily habits around media consumption can make you much happier!


(These activities can be done individually, as a staff/group of educators or with your students. )

Looking to infuse some more positivity into each day?  Here are some different ways to pair your device to other activities that you routinely do each day to make you happier and more positive! 

Positivity Playlists

Social Media Makeover

With people investing so much time in social media, it is important that we consider the impact this is having on our happiness and well-being.  If your social media consumption has you feeling down, think about giving your Social Media a Makeover! 

Twenty-Four hours News cycles can consume our lives and have a negative impact on our overall Happiness. It is important that we control our news intake and find a balance that helps us feel informed, yet still positive and happy!

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