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Monthly Focus


The goal of this month's activities is to get you thinking about how you can build more mindfulness into your life. Being more present is a great way to enjoy our students and professions more.  Not only that, mindfulness helps to reduce stress, while at the same time making us happier and healthier! 


(These activities can be done individually, as a staff/group of educators or with your students. )

Mindfulness Triggers/Cues

Sometimes all it takes to be more mindful is a reminder! By building in cues/triggers into each day we can remind ourselves to enjoy the moment. Check out this video for creative ways to make mindfulness part of your everyday! Doing this will help you cope with stress and enjoy your students even more!


Learning to savour the good moments is a great way to get the most enjoyment out of life. It is about seeking out the positive and learning to enjoy them or even relive them. There are a lot of amazing moments as educators, make it part of your daily routine to savour these moments. It is make you happier and healthier!

Mindfulness in the Classroom

Looking to building mindfulness into your everyday? Well, try making it a part of your teaching. By bring mindfulness practices into your lessons, both you and your students will experience the benefits of being more present and in the moment. Watch this video for ideas on how to bring more mindfulness into your classroom!

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