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Monthly Focus


The goal of this month's activities is to get you reflecting how happy you are in education. Taking time to reflect ensures that what we are doing is making us happy and that we are on the right path. As well, when reflecting we are opening up opportunities for change that can lead us to new learning, adventures and passions!


(These activities can be done individually, as a staff/group of educators or with your students. )

Reconnecting To Your Why

With so much going on each day as an educator, it is easy to forget why we became teachers.  We gradually start to shift our focus to what and how we are teaching. To find more happiness in education, we need to ensure that we always remember why we teach and allow this why to drive what we are doing each day. This will give us a greater sense of purpose and keep us focussed what brings us the most joy.  

Embracing Change

Change is an opportunity for growth.  As well, embracing change can also re-energize us and give us a greater sense of purpose. Taking the time to honestly reflect on how we are feeling is an important first step in knowing if we need a change. By listening to our lives and embracing change, we will be more likely to find new adventures and be happier in education.

Rational Optimism

Being a rational optimist is more than just seeing the positive. We must believe that despite challenges, we have control over moving life in a direction that will bring us more fulfillment and happiness. The good news is that we can train our brains to become more positive and see the amazing opportunities that lie ahead. 

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