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Monthly Focus

Strengths and Passions

The goals of this month's activities is to get you thinking about bringing your strengths, skills and passions into your everyday teaching. Not only will this bring you more happiness, it will also help you to connect deeper with your students and give them a unique experience in the classroom. Share your best qualities with your students and staff today!


(These activities can be done individually, as a staff/group of educators or with your students. )

Signature Strengths

Be the best version of yourself by focusing on your Signature Strengths. We all great great qualities that make us who we are. They key is to understand where your strengths lie and learn to use these more often throughout the day. As educators, tapping into your signatures strength can not only bring your more happiness, but also bring you students unique classroom experience!

Bring Your Skills to School

Bringing our skills into the classroom each day not only gives the students unique learning experiences, it also lets us do more of what we love to do. We have invested so much time building these amazing skills, now it is time to learn how to use them to be an even better educator!  

Finding Flow

Being in the zone, getting lost in the moment, and experiencing the highest form of engagement...this is Flow! Not only can flow increase our engagement, but it can also bring more happiness to ourselves and our students.  Learn what you need to do to get into the zone today!

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