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Speaking Engagements
Robert Dunlop is a natural story teller. His talks are designed to inspire, inform and enlighten all educators. Participants will leave each sessions with many job embedded ideas that will help them find more happiness coming to school each day!  Click here to inquire about booking a speaking engagement.
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Staying happy and motivated as an educator is the best thing that you can do for your students. Education presents the opportunity to be the most satisfying career imaginable, however, it can be very challenging. It is easy to lose focus on why we entered the teaching profession and what we love the most about coming to school each day.


This engaging presentation challenges educators to evaluate how happy they are professionally and inspires them to make changes to their mindsets, habits and routines. The goal is that the participants leave feeling energized, optimistic about their future in education and equipped with new strategies to implement into their lives. 

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School should not be a place that students and educators dread coming to. It should be a place that is deep rooted in happiness and emotional well-being. A place where collectively everyone works together to create a culture they love being a part of. 


This engaging and informative presentation looks to Happiness as a way of transforming not only school culture, but also improving academic performance, attendance, and well-being. It challenges leaders to create a culture that prioritizes staff and student well-being. We are all at our best when we are happy and feeling supported.

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Staying Happy and motivated as an educator takes work and self-reflection. We will all navigate peaks and valleys throughout our career. It is important that we understand that this is normal and that there are important lessons that we can learn in our valleys that will help us get back to the peaks faster.


This interactive session(s) is designed to get your thinking about where you are on your journey and to inspire you to seize all the greatness that teaching has to offer. You will leave with a greater understanding of what you need to be happier at work and ideas on how to get you there! Come ready to share and learn!


After reading STRIVE for Happiness in Education, Rob presented an engaging keynote to our K-12 teachers. His presentations are a wonderful blend of stories, videos, and anecdotes. Rob made us laugh, challenged our thinking, and his insights continue to impact our important work in education. We would welcome Rob back to our district anytime!

After reading the book, STRIVE for Happiness in Education, I instantly knew this would be a book that would not only recenter my own personal wellness, but the wellness of all educators across the globe! His presentation eloquently walked us through the many peaks and valleys, we as educators experience, and  inspired teachers to reconnect their hearts and minds. His presentation was loved by all and we would welcome him back to share his inspiring message again!

 Through heartfelt and relatable stories, Rob inspired us to not only reach for happiness in our profession, but to seek it out in all aspects of our lives. Rob’s authentic interactions left us challenged, energized, and motivated to step into the upcoming school year. Grounded in research and practice, this professional development left us with practical guidance that not only nurtured our minds to recognize the joy that already exists in our daily lives, but centered our hearts to create a culture of happiness which will ultimately impact and elevate our important work in education

After reading STRIVE for Happiness in Education and then getting to hear Rob speak about it in person; I felt revived, refreshed and excited in my approach to the new school year and my overall career in education. Being in the mid-career phase, this picked me up of positivity and helpful strategies was truly right on the mark. His message combined truthful observations with realistic strategies and techniques that can be utilized and put into action immediately. Thank you Rob!! Keep up the meaningful work. 

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I received tremendous feedback on the experience, some described him as the best speaker we had ever had.  The positive impact led us to subsequently invite Rob to return to speak to our broader organization at our annual National Meeting. Rob easily distills and contexts several theories and concepts into a very simple and accessible narrative.  Along the way he provides several practical tips and suggestions that can be implemented right away.  On top of all this, his entertaining approach elevated the energy of our meeting overall.  If you are seeking to support your team and demonstrating you are sincerely seeking to help them find happiness in their work and life, I highly recommend partnering with Rob Dunlop.

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