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Monthly Focus


The goal of this month is to get us thinking about the importance of our relationships in the profession. The activities this month are designed to encourage us to build an amazing team. This is a key aspect of staying happy and engaged as an educator. Relationships are a great investment of time and energy. Cultivate them!!!


(These activities can be done individually, as a staff/group of educators or with your students. )

Surrounding yourself with an amazing Team is a great way to stay happy, motivated and engaged in education. Having friends at work makes coming to work each day and will make you a better educator. Invest time in finding your TFF (Teach Friends Forever) and love coming to school each day! 

Teacher Friends Forever (TFF)

Learn Together, Play Together

Work does not always have to feel like work.  If you want to enjoy going to school more look to connect deeper with other staff members. Have friends on staff who you laugh and learn with is one of the best ways to staff engaged and happy in the profession.

Build Your PLN

Education can be challenging, but you do not need to go it alone. There is a whole world of educators online excited to support and learn with you. Investing in a Profession Learning Community online might be just what you need. Try it today!

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