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Staff Wellness Program

My name is Rob Dunlop and I am a proud educator and author of the book Strive for Happiness in Education.

Around five years ago, I was struggling to find happiness as a teacher. So much so that I almost left the profession to pursue another career. At that point, I had a decision to make, did I leave something that I once truly loved or look to find a way to find that passion again.

It was then I decided to make my happiness a priority and stay in education. Inspired by other educators who were in the profession for many more years than I had been and still happy, I decided to delve into the research and learn from those educators who were happy.

As I stand here today, I am proud to say that my passion and love of being an educator is stronger than ever. My goal now is to share what I have learned with others in hopes that it helps them be happier in education.

Obviously, one way I have decided to share this information is through my book where I lay out the research and support it with inspiring insights and practical job embedded ideas that will help you build more happiness into your vocation and life. It is designed to get to you thinking more about your happiness as an educator. Each chapter ends with Happiness Homework which will give you an opportunity to self reflect and write down your ideas.

To reach more educators, I have teamed up with psychologist, Dr. Deanna Swift to create a Free monthly Staff Wellness program. We believe that this program could greatly impact the mental wellbeing of both staff and students. Each month we will release a video like this to introduce the theme as well as give educators ideas they could try on their own, with other educators and with their class.

We understand how busy life in schools is and have every intention of keeping this program concise with ideas that are job embedded and do not add to the plate of already busy educators. We are confident that this research based program will help to shift both educators and students to a more positive mindset.

You can find this program on my website, I will update it each month with a new video and content for you to explore. If you would like to be notified when new content is posted just subscribe using the link provided on the website.

I truly believe that there is nothing more powerful than an educator who loves to come to school each day. Let's make educator happiness a priority!

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